Do you have a story you'd like to share? Please tell us how The Kevin Cain Memorial Foundation has made an impact on your life. 

Thank you for your generous $500 check to me and my family. We used it for food, electric bill, gas for the cars, and the monthly insurance bill.
I wanted to express my most sincere gratitude and thanks. Finding kind and caring people in our time of seeking hope has indeed been a wonderful gift.
I will use the gift to buy the sleeve for my lymphedema.
Your Foundation’s checks have been extremely helpful to my mom as she pays all her various medical expenses. Your help and support is truly a blessing.
Thank you so much for your generous gift to our family. It came just in time and I will be able to pay down a few medical bills.
When I beat this disease I plan on being actively involved in providing help in whatever way I can through the Kevin Cain Memorial Foundation.
I believe in angels and some of them are very much among us. Thank you.
This gift will surely help in relieving some of the pressure that goes along with my treatment of lung cancer.
You have directed your energies into a worthy project; helping people and putting a lot of sunshine into lives going through this dreadful disease, cancer. Your Foundation is making a huge difference in the lives of others.
The patients who are constantly paying for medications and co-pays start to feel overwhelmed and this is a HUGE help for them. Your work is truly reaching out to our patients.